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how does it work?

Best Book Subscription Box Canada

choose a plan

pamper yourself with a single box or monthly subscription of bookworm bliss.

get ready

our majestic unicorns will deliver boxes of magic right to your door step.

unwrap awesome

relax and engage your mind in a world of fiction and curated bookish goodies.

what's inside a box?

you will get to try new snacks including chips, chocolate & candy

bath bombs / salts, shampoo, body wash, soap, skin care

home decor.
candles, kitchen goods, mugs, tumblers, linens & cleaning supplies

socks, jewellery, hats, scarves -anything you can put on your body

coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juices and cocktail mixers

each month you get a newly released novel

time left to get the

february box

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frequently asked questions

Lit Love is a monthly subscription box for people who love to read! We are different than most book boxes because we let YOU choose the book. Each month we reveal 1-3 book titles or allow you to be surprised (with a book choice that has not been revealed).

Along with your book, we send out snacks, self-care and other bookish goodies! Check out our past boxes to see what type of items to expect. Curious about book options? Head over to our choose your plan page to find out more!
Our goal is to curate high quality items that are consumable (YUM!), unique or actually useful for your everyday life. And even if you don't think so, they are high quality items that make excellent re-gifts for friends or family! Win/Win.

You can expect things like home decor, stationary, snacks, coffee, tea, cocktail mixes, socks, candles, bath & body and other bookish goodies!

Check out our past boxes page to see what we have included in the past.
Three reasons:
1) Subscribers always come first! You will always get the book of your choice and never miss out on a box, so you never have to worry about us selling out.
2) You save $5 per month!
3) You can cancel or skip a month anytime with ease.
Sometimes we get this question and the really short answer is that quality products, books and shipping are really expensive.

The longer version is that we stuff our boxes with as many high quality goodies as we can but in the end we are running a business, so our overhead expenses are factored into your box price. Things you may not think about or see like: website hosting + domain, border duties and customs, payment processor fees, packaging costs, etc.

I am a one woman show and while this is not a super profitable money, I DO have to pay myself something for the extreme amount of time I spend putting love and care into these boxes...there really is a lot of behind the scenes logistics that are harder than one would think. But that is how we want it - we do the work and you just enjoy the fun!

Last, did you know that the average cost of shipping a box is $20? In some places it can be as high as $33! This is something we really don't like but there aren't many options sooo we do what we can!
Yes! You can purchase a single box for any of our options visit the choose your plan page for more info.
This is a loaded question but because we are unlike other subscription boxes and allow you to choose your book from month to month, our process is a bit different. we need to order books 3-4 weeks in advance, so we need to have some idea of how many of each title to order. this is why we announce book options and expect you to pick so early.

key dates:

10th - monthly boxes are shipped on this day and next months book choices are announced.

16th - subscribers must have set their books in accounts by this date

1st - skip the month by this date as it's when subscriptions will renew and orders are placed

We know, it's a bit confusing but you will get the hang of it, promise!
We ship to Canada and USA only at the moment. Shipping can range from 1-14 days depending where you are, but we are based in BC!
We will always try to include a range of genres in our selections. We try to include one option for romance and mystery/thriller every month but we also love historical fiction and fantasy. Basically, if the book is good, we will offer it!
You can visit this page for a tutorial on how to find it in your account!
Visit this page to see how you can find this info in your account.
You can skip and cancel your subscription in your subscription dashboard. But first, you need to create an account.

You can follow the steps in this guide and at the bottom of the screen in Step 4, you should see links to skip or cancel.

Still lost? Feel free to email us at hello@litlovebox.com with your request and we are happy to help!

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