Iona Iverson's Rules for Commuting

This book follows a magazine relationship advice columnist in her 50s. While on her commute to work, she encounters an interesting group of strangers on the train. This book is heartwarming, inspiring, deep and our MC is one kick-ass woman standing her ground!

Because we do get to know our characters in depth in this one, we learn about some very real and serious life issues; so this book has a number of trigger warnings but I hope that won’t stop you from picking up this touching read.

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A Caribbean Heiress in Paris

This book was such a treat! To say it was “satisfying” is an understatement. If you like the idea of a really 🌶spicy🌶 historical romance, you are going to want this one! With this one you get a fiery rum heiress MC breaking the norm of female entrepreneurs in the 1800s.

It seems as though lots of research and care went into the writing. Also, loveable side characters, a kilt wearing swoonworthy love interest and marriage of convenience. HELLO!

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The Island

This book is a WILD ride! A family gets trapped on an island with a bunch of crazy Australian locals and they need to escape. It’s insane, it’s violent but one thing it’s not, is boring.

It gripped me right from the beginning and held on tight. If you like a dark theme and a cruel, over-the-top thriller that will make your blood boil - this one is for you!

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Surprise Book

If I could say one thing about this book, I would say it’s like a buffet - it’s got a little bit of something for everyone! A mashup of fantasy, thriller, historical and a touch of romance. It’s one of my personal favourite reads so far this year… I wish I could say more about why, but it's a surprise! 

One more thing; this book is the first in a series and if you’re like me, you’re going to NEED the second one because you will want to see if the romance spark turns into a flame... among other things!

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