I have created this little guide because I get a lot of questions surrounding how you choose your books each month!

1) First, you need an account. If you signed up for one when you subscribed you should be able to go here and use your username and password to login.

If you checked out as a guest without creating a password / account, you will need to click here to finish the process of creating an account.

2) Once you are logged in you can go to your account (the little person icon beside the cart) and click the "manage subscriptions" button which will take you to your subscription dashboard.

3) Once you are in there you should see the screen below. My next billing date is April 16, click the little arrow to the right of the "monthly subscription" box.


4) You will then see a screen that looks almost the same as the last, click that little arrow to the right again. Don't worry if you see last months picks / wrong information in there. Ignore that.

5) You should see the screen below (might look a bit different on mobile), click the little arrow to the right of the Book Choice and a window should pop in... make your selection and be sure to click the "Update Book Choice Button. Voila you are done and ready for renewal day!


Still lost? Reach to out hello@litlovebox.com and I will try my best to guide or help you make your selection :)