Step 1) Finish your account setup.

If you signed up for an account prior to ordering, go here and sign in. If you checked out as a guest, click here and register an account using the same email you used to subscribe. you should receive an email verification (check your junk or spam folder if you don't receive it).

Step 2) View your subscription dashboard 

Once you are logged in you can go to your account (the little person icon beside the cart) and click the "manage subscriptions" button which will take you to your subscription dashboard.

Step 3) Do the click-through.

You should see the screen below, click on the monthly subscription box / arrow until you get to the screen in Step 4.


Step 4) Finally, the best part - the book choices!

We have arrived! You should see your book choice, this will be last months selection. Click on it! You should see a pop in window with our new book choices. Make your selection and make sure you press the "UPDATE" button!

Step 5) Voila, you are all set.

Once you have updated, ensure that your book choice has updated and get back to that TBR.

Note: The renewal date has been confusing to some people because they think they are being billed for the September box in September. The reality is that you are being billed a month in advance. Example: the renewal on September 16th is actually for the October box. The reason we have structured it this way is because we need solid numbers so we can order our books and items well in advance.


Still lost? Reach to out