We rely on an automated email system to send out our tracking numbers and sometimes it doesn't work. There are several reasons for this, some providers mark stores as "spam" and either block it completely or send it right to the junk/spam folder. Or sometimes our system just glitches and doesn't send the email, either way we have no control over this so we wanted to show you that it's easy to check your order status and get your tracking number in your account! Our boxes are shipped on or before the 10th of each month unless otherwise noted.

How to find your order status and tracking:

1) Go to your account if you haven't created one, you will need to create one with the same email you made your purchase with.

2) You will see your orders listed, click on the order number you want to find information for:

3) Look beside Status under your shipping address, if it says Shipped, you should be able to see your tracking number below. If it says "getting ready" or "unfulfilled" that means your order is still being packed and prepared.

If it's past our shipping date (10th of every month) feel free to email us or check social media to see if there has been a shipping delay.