Lit Love is a monthly subscription box for people who love to read! Each month we send out a box with a newly released book and various snacks and items! Head over to our choose your plan page to find out more!
Our goal is to curate high quality items that are consumable (YUM!), unique or actually useful for your everyday life. And even if you don't think so, they are high quality items that make excellent re-gifts for friends or family! Win/Win.

You can expect things like home decor, stationary, snacks, coffee, tea, cocktail mixes, socks, candles, bath & body and other bookish goodies!

Check out our past boxes page to see what we have included in the past.
Three reasons:
1) Each month we only have a limited amount of boxes up for grabs, by subscribing you secure your box every month and will never miss out.

2) You save between $5 - $11 per month depending on which plan you select!

3) You can cancel or skip a month anytime with ease from your account area.
Yes! You can purchase a single box for any of our options visit the choose your plan page for more info.
This question is kind of tricky to answer so bear with us.

Our boxes start shipping on the 10th and sales are cut off on the 9th of every month.

So for example, if you were to order between July 10th to August 9th - you would be getting the August box (which ships on August 10th). If you order on or after August 10th, you would be ordering the September box.

Make sense? If not, feel free to contact us.
We get asked this a lot and we understand you may be afraid of getting a duplicate or already own it....

However, the books we choose are released a month or less from our ship date. Plus, we reveal our theme via Instagram as well as a few hints on the book synopsis. If you put your sleuthing skills to the test, you should be able to narrow down what the title might be or at the very least, have an idea if you might like it.

The whole point of a book subscription box is that you are getting an exciting SURPRISE! and a chance to explore a genre or a book that you might not have picked out yourself - and you might just love it.
We will always put a focus on romance or mystery/thriller genres. We will include a splash of historical, SciFi and fantasy if they are exceptional as well!

We will also have some special edition boxes throughout the year. WITH SPICY ROMANCE / EROTICA BEING A STAPLE... sorry for the all caps but this has recently become one of my favourite genres to read.
We ship to Canada and USA only at the moment and shipping is included in the pricing you see! No hidden fees. Shipping can range from 1-10 days depending where you are, but we are based in BC!
You can visit this page for a tutorial on how to find it in your account!
Visit this page to see how you can find this info in your account.

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