Hi! I'm Deanna and I live in a beautiful place called the Sunshine Coast in BC Canada...well that name is only half accurate because it definitely rains a LOT here. However, it's home of the most epic sunsets, beaches, oceans and mountains. The perfect setting for one of my favourite hobbies, reading!

Since I was in my teens I've always dreamed of being a business owner and admittedly, I have had a lot of big ideas and a lot of failures. About 5-6 years ago I started another book box and I absolutely loved doing it but life got in the way. I had a messy breakup with a boyfriend I was living with. My life was completely uprooted and I was heartbroken amongst other things and had to close up shop. BUT the silver lining is, I didn't let it get me down. I never stopped dreaming.

Lit Love was born in February 2022, in the middle of the pandemic. There was no better time to introduce a product that would bring much needed joy into other peoples lives, as well as my own. Kindness and self-care is so important to me and it brings me such joy to see others enjoying my curation. In addition, the bookish community is kind of like a second home to me - smart, warm, supportive and welcoming folk - and I hope to be part of it for many years to come!

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