Summer Box - 2022

This was a treasure hunt style Special Edition Box! What does that mean? All the gifts in the box come wrapped as a mystery and labeled with a page number. When you get to that page in your reading, you open the gift!! It's a nice way to enjoy a book and goodies to boot. Most of our SE boxes will be in this format!

In this box:
🌵Something Wilder by @christinalauren with signed bookplate
🌵 Chocolate Shortbread by @cookieitup
🌵 Cleansing Wipes by @thecremeshop
🌵A “stay wild” pin designed by us and made by @sixcentpress
🌵Desert Sunset Soap by @liolaluxuries
🌵Lily’s Spiced Hot Cocoa by @soulchocolate
🌵 Cotton Candy Fudge by @chocolatemoosefudgefactory
🌵 Rainbow Coffee Mug by @abbottgiftware
🌵 Gold Coins by @waterbridgejoy
🌵 XO Playing Cards by @weddingstar
🌵 Adventure Bookmark designed by us

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