Cozy Bookish & Christmas Special Edition Boxes!

$110.00 CAD

This is a pre-sale, see below for ship dates.

Cozy Bookish: all the items in this box will be perfect for getting cozy in the fall season. the items in this box all follow a bookish theme. the book itself will be a surprise, but we are hoping to select one which has a bookish related plot.

Christmas: this box will have all items wrapped with page numbers so you can open gifts while you make progress in your book. The items will all be Christmas themed and the book will be Christmas/Winter themed but a surprise! 

We are including two options because the box we *want* to create includes a couple larger items with a higher price point (deluxe). However, both boxes will be a wonderful treat for our favourite seasons to hunker down with a good book!!

These boxes will likely include 7-10 items.

  • Cozy Bookish will be shipped November 1st
  • Christmas ships December 1st

Limited quantities available!

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