About Us

LitLoveBox was created for a desire of a bookish subscription box full of things that have a use. While other boxes include very nice decorative items, the creator of LitLoveBox really prefers items that can be used. Most boxes will contain candles, notebooks, bags, shirts, scarves, mugs and other items that can be used around your house and in your life. The box allows you to embrace your Love for Lit (see what we did there?!) in your daily life without being coming across as a crazy fangirl. 

While we strive to include a book in the box every month, it is not always possible - in order to keep the LitLoveBox affordable, books are included when they can be. For more information if each month's box contains a book, make sure to follow us on Twitter @LitLoveBox. 

Lit Love Box is not currently set up for an automatic recurring subscription. We know how frustrating it can be to have a box show up when you forgot to cancel a subscription, so no worries! Only buy the boxes you know you want. Check back each month and follow us on Twitter to see the themes and sneak peaks for each box in advance! 

Selecting Media Mail As Shipping Method:

We offer the Media Mail shipping option as a more affordable shipping option for some customers. Please know that USPS guidelines state that packages shipped via Media Mail should ONLY contain media - LitLoveBox contains items other than media - which means your package could be opened at any time during the shipping process to verify that the items inside are media and do not violate the policy. 

If your package if found to violate the media mail policy, the recipient will be held accountable for any additional postage fees upon the pickup of their package from the office. LitLoveBox will not be responsible for any additional postage once the package has been shipped. 

While USPS says they do not open every package shipped via Media Mail, this is something to take into account before choosing this shipping optin.