June Box 2022 - The Island

$80.00 CAD

Whats inside this box:

  • the book: The Island by Adrian McKinty
  • a full size body wash
  • a bag of freeze dried candy (strawberries!)
  • a pair of cute black heart earrings
  • a bag of shark attack espresso coffee
  • a pal-o-mine chocolate bar
  • a coaster that says "don't f*ck up the table"
  • a book of sticky notes and page markers
  • a colourful bookmark spoiler card


About the book - The Island by Adrian McKinty

This book is a WILD ride! A family gets trapped on an island with a bunch of crazy Australian locals and they need to escape. It’s insane, it’s violent but one thing it’s not, is boring.

It gripped me right from the beginning and held on tight. If you like a dark theme and a cruel, over-the-top thriller that will make your blood boil - this one is for you!

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