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Add-On Books
$16.00 CAD
$16.00 CAD
This option is only for subscribers and single box purchases. please only choose 1 extra book per box (otherwise it's tough to fit everything). book pricing...
Bookish T-Shirt Bookish T-Shirt
$14.00 CAD
$14.00 CAD
Our first bookish tee is now available! This is a one of a kind shirt that only our subscribers have received and once we run out,...
Chocolate filled truffles
4 chocolates
Plant Suncatcher Window Sticker
Hand Soap
Sold Out
Sold Out
sunset shores scent (floral+fruity)
Wild Blueberry Jam
Birthday Cake Popcorn
the name says it all :)
Gold Back Scratcher
this extends into the perfectly satisfying scratcher for those hard to reach places
Freeze Dried Strawberries
Freeze Dried Bananas
Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal
With 6-8 servings per pouch
Black Heart Earrings
Polymer (plastic) black heart statement earrings.
Striped Scarf Striped Scarf
Sold Out
Sold Out
Seriously the most soft and cozy scarf you will ever own.
Bite Me Cookies (2)
Seed & Nut Oatmeal Cookies
Tropical Sticky Note Set
Cheeky Coasters (set of 4)
Small Candles
Sold Out
Sold Out
2 little 2oz candles
Herb & Garlic Dip + Ramekin
cute little ramekin dish and mix!
Blame the Book Eye Mask
Cute Fox Sponge
$3.00 CAD
$3.00 CAD
just run water on this cute little fox and watch it turn into a sponge!
Jalapeño Beer Bread Mix
just add beer or soda and bake! Jalapeño are optional to add (this isn't spicy).
Bevi Insulated Tumbler
Bath Teas
$4.00 CAD
$4.00 CAD
Green tea scented bath teas.
Birthday Babe Candle
smells like vanilla bean. 4oz tin. Soy wax.
Clementine Shower Jelly
use in the shower like a body wash! 6.7oz
Earl Grey Cream Tea
loose leaf tea (30g)
Christmas Spice Tea
loose leaf tea - orange peel fruit, star anise, red pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom
Winter Cabin Crew Socks Winter Cabin Crew Socks
Cute socks! These were part of our Christmas box (swipe photo to see our full box).
Stir it up Wood Heart
Cute little decor item. A heart that reads "Stir it up"
LED Candle
$5.00 CAD
$5.00 CAD
comes with battery, ready to go. eliminate fire hazard for kids or pets but still get the warm ambience. i use mine in the bath.
Unicorn Tumbler
$8.00 CAD
$8.00 CAD
"believe in the impossible" holographic unicorn tumbler with straw